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Managing contracts

Overriding a service per contract

The service mapping determines which Autotask service will be used in your contract for every product. In some cases it could be necessary to override the mapping for a particular contract. This is possible using the override functionality:

  1. Go to the Contracts page.

    Contracts overview

  2. Look for the contract you want to edit (1) and click on the domain name (2) to view its details:

    Search for a contract

  3. Scroll down the list of products and press the edit icon (1) to show the list of available services:

    Contract override service

  4. Select the new service to use (1) for this subscription and set the date when this change should be applied (2). Leave the date unchanged to apply it immediately. Press the save (2) button to create the override:

    Contract change service selection

Remove a service override

Once a particular service override is no longer valid, you can remove it again. Follow the steps above to edit a subscription's mapped service, and press the undo (1) button. Note that the service will be replaced in the contract immediately:

Contracts overview

Change the contract period individually

It's possible to override the default contract period in each individual contract:

  1. Go to the contract you want to change.

  2. Click the edit button (1) next to the its Contract Period:

    Contract billing cycle

    If the contract has already been linked to Autotask, the icon will no longer be available.

  3. Select the required contract period (1) and press the save button (2):

    Override the contract billing cycle

    Please note that it's not possible to change the period type of existing Autotask contract.