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Connect your account

Connect Autotask

Before we can get started synchronising your Autotask contracts, we need to connect it first. Follow these steps to set up your Autotask account:

  1. Go to the Configuration page.

    Configuration page

    Note: if you have not set up your Autotask account before, you will be automatically redirected to this page.

  2. Press the Connect button for the Autotask application.

    Autotask connect

  3. Fill in your Autotask API credentials (1). We strongly recommend that you create a separate Autotask API user account for the integration with Goolash.

    Autotask credentials

  4. Press the Store credentials (2) button to verify and store your integrator account details.

Autotask API user

We strongly recommend you use a separate user account for the integration with Goolash. Follow these steps to set up a dedicated API account:

  1. In the Autotask menu, choose Admin (1) then click Resources (Users) (2) and finally click the New button button.

    Autotask menu

  2. In the General tab, enter a name for this account and fill in an e-mail address.

    Autotask create user

  3. In the Security (1) tab, create your login credentials (2) and set the Security Level (3) to API User.

    Autotask create user

  4. In the same tab, make sure the API Tracking Identifier is set to None (1).

    Autotask API Tracking Identifier

    Goolash is using the 1.5 version of the Autotask API at this moment. We are preparing to upgrade to v1.6 soon but until then no tracking identifier should be set.

  5. Click Save button button to create your integrator account.

You can now use the credentials of this integrator account to connect Goolash to Autotask via the Connect form.