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Configure Autotask integration

Once your Autotask account has been connected, we can set it up for synchronisation with your Microsoft licenses or Google subscriptions.

User-Defined Fields

Automaker requires two new User-Defined Fields in your account:

  • Account UDF: automaker-domains (Text, Multi Line)
  • Contract UDF: automaker-uuid (Text, Single Line)

We use these fields to add metadata relating to Automaker to your Autotask accounts and contracts, and they help us make sure everything is synced up correctly.

You can create these yourself or ask Automaker to create them for you:

  1. Go to the Configuration page.

    Configuration page

    Note: If these fields do not exist yet, Automaker will warn you and automatically redirect you to this page.

  2. Press the Configure button for the Autotask application.

    Autotask configure

  3. Automaker will warn you that the User-Defined Fields are missing. Press the Resolve button to create them.

    Autotask configure

  4. Confirm your choose by pressing the Create Fields button in the window that opens.

    Autotask configure

Service mapping

Before we can synchronize your contracts, we need to know which product matches which Autotask service. These services are then added to your Recurring Contracts in Autotask based on your selection here.

  1. Go to the Autotask configuration page.

  2. The products sold by your connected account are listed along with each possible billing cycle on the left side of the table (1). Map them to your Autotask services by using the drop-downs on the right (2).

    Autotask mapping

    Note: if you don't offer all services, that's no problem. Only map those services you need.

  3. Press the Save Mappings button to store your selection.

    Save mappings

If you have not yet created any services in your Autotask account, you can refer to the Autotask documentation on how to set these up.